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Community Futures South Fraser & Self Employment Program

As well as one-on-one coaching this program includes the following:

Offered as two 3-hour sessions (modules), along with one-on-one counselling when needed. Sessions are designed to help you determine the viability of your business concept, develop and conduct comprehensive and relevant surveys, and summarize your findings to arrive at a strong conclusion.

This workshop includes step-by-step instructions, in a group setting, on the preparation of a business and financial plan for the first year of business. Your Business Advisor will meet one-on-one with you to clarify and expand on these instructions.

Respectful, engaging, interactive, thought provoking…and fun!

We have strategically placed these 'bootcamp' style workshops after the business-plan phase, just before you fully launch your business. Included in this “boot camp” are:

*Review positioning and how it flows through everything you do.
*Features and Benefits—what are you really selling?
*The different ways we market—promotional activities for small business.
*Marketing materials—the different types and how to begin them.

*Why network? What’s in it for me? What’s in it for the other guy?
*How can I start to network?
*How can I make and keep connections?
*Who wants to network with me?
*With whom do I want to network?
*What do I talk about? What subjects do I avoid?
*When is it the right time to network?
*Where do people network?

Clients will be invited to attend their next local Chamber of Commerce, Valley Women’s Network, or Toastmasters International meeting; at least one SEP staff member will attend with them.

Ⅲ) EVERYBODY MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Superior Customer Service in an Increasingly “Same” Society
*Why customer service is one of the most important concepts to understand.
*How great have you decided to be?
*Engagement—it’s the heart of customer service.
*Managing relationships.
*Develop a customer service plan.

Clients will be motivated to start a customer service plan immediately and will understand how this will make or break their business.

15 years ago fast-talking sales managers told you to, “Close! Close! Close!” Today selling is more about problem solving, communicating, and relationships.

Clients will:
*Identify the problems they need to solve
*Practice solving problems through role-play
*Practice making the phone call that starts the process
*Learn how to manage the relationship
*Gain effective communication skills

In today’s world, everyone in business needs an online web presence of some kind. Usually, a website and one or more social networks.

As well, business owners need a basic knowledge of how the Internet can help them move towards success.

This workshop will cover the following:
*The value of a website and the different options
*How to get started and things to consider when building your website
*How much to invest and the value of having a professional website and online presence
*Getting traffic to your website and the benefits of blogging
*How social media can help build your brand
*Choosing the right social network(s) for your business
*Steps to getting started and growing with social media

A successful business starts with a sound base. This workshop will cover the steps from registering/licensing the business, obtaining sales/tax numbers to bookkeeping and financial reporting

*Various business structures, Proprietorship, Partnership, Incorporation.
*Business Registration, Licensing.
GST and PST.
*Payroll and Import/Export registration.
*Taxation and the sole Proprietor/partnership vs. Incorporated.
*Insurance- Liability, WorkSafe (WCB) Insurance and Liability.
*Preparing the business Opening Balance Sheet.
*Review Startup Expenses.
*Vehicle Logs.
*Preparing a Financial Management POLICY MANUAL.
*Government/Tax Requirements for business/personal record keeping.
*The business owners need to KNOW.
*Types of bookkeeping methods.
*Demonstration on how bookkeeping can be made easy.
*Review of what participants need to prepare for the next and ongoing bookkeeping/financial management mentoring sessions.
*Question Period.

Two of the biggest challenges home-based and new business owners face are managing their time and staying focused. Those who are successful have learned how to work at home and create a life in balance. We will cover:

*Organizing the space
*Telephones and equipment
*Accountability partners
*Family involvement.

Goal setting and action planning are two critical keys to business and life success. We will cover:

*Why goal setting works
*How our brain works
*Getting out of our comfort zone—intentionally
*The importance of “being” it before you “get” it
*How to prioritize
*How to write out an action plan that is not overwhelming

One of the keys to our success is our committed and passionate staff. All the SEP staff are experienced business advisors and trainers who have been successful entrepreneurs.

We believe that each client has very individual needs while in the process of establishing entrepreneurial self-sufficiency.

Our SE Program model addresses these needs, effectively balancing group work with one-on-one mentoring by a business advisor or team of advisors.

In addition, South Fraser is in a position to provide additional supports in the areas of business funding, information, networking and specialized services for individuals with disabling conditions that prevent them from traditional employment but not self-employment.

Teresa Pippus, Program Manage-Marketing Guru
Suzanne Oaks, Business Advisor Abbotsford
Laura Addinall, Business Advisor Langley
Bruce Fatkin, Business Advisor Chilliwack
Dale Enns, Workshop Facilitator

If you are interested in accessing this program or would like more information please call Teresa Pippus or Suzanne Blakely Oaks at 604 864-5770.

Community Futures Self Employment Program (SEP), is a strategic combination of one-on-one assistance, workshops, mentoring, and specialty counselling.

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